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How long does a residential cleaning job take? 
There are several variables to the lenght of time we need in your home. These include the type of clean and the current condition of the home. For most homes in the 1500-3000 sq ft range, we can complete a Basic Clean in 3 hours, a Deep Clean in 5 hours (two people), and a Make Ready in 4 hours (two people). Visit our Housecleaning page to explore the different types of cleanings offered. **We also offer an hourly rate for clients who prefer to have more control of the time and/or expense.

Do I need to sign a contract?
Neat as a Pin® does not require a signed contract or an established number of visits. We want our clients to feel comfortable with our terms and our service. We do, however, have a Cleaning Service Agreement that is an important aspect of the client onboarding process.

Can I set my own cleaning schedule?
Of course! We are happy to service our clients at requested intervals. We have some clients who like weekly cleans or bi-weekly cleans; other prefer monthly while some like every 3 weeks. We have clients who call when they are ready and do not have a designated place on the schedule. We put our clients first and scheduling flexibility is one way we delivery exceptional customer service.

How are you handling COVID-19?
Neat as a Pin® is taking every measure necessary to keep our team members and clients safe. Every cleaning team member is equipped with masks and gloves and uses approved disinfectants for cleaning.  

What cleaning supplies do you use?
Neat as a Pin® provides all of the cleaning supplies needed to thoroughly clean your home or office. The one product we do not provide is the Bona® Floor Care System for hardwood floors. We ask that clients provide their own Bona® systems.  
Our standard supplies include: Fabuloso (purple), Pine-Sol (lavender), Pine-Sol (lemon), Pine-Sol (classic), Bar Keepers Friend, Magic Erasers, Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Clorox Clean-up Spray, Bleach, Spray-Way glass cleaner, Spray-Way Stainless Steel Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, Compressed Air, EZ-Off Oven Cleaner, Pledge furniture polish, and Swiffer® Dusters.  

*If clients want to provide their own cleaning supplies, we are happy to accomodate. 

Will you do laundry?
Neat as a Pin® is happy to provide a Wash-and-Fold service at an hourly rate.
If time permits on Basic and Deep Cleans, we are happy to fold clean clothes and wash sheets.  

Will you wash windows?
Neat as a Pin® is happy to wash interior windows as part of a Deep Clean or as a special project or add-on.  
We can recommend a reputable company to complete the cleaning of exterior or very high windows.

What are your accepted forms of payment?
Once your clean is complete, you will receive an emailed invoice where you can pay securely and conveniently online. This also provides you with a receipt. We can even set up automatic payments with a credit/debit card.
Some clients prefer to pay by check or with cash, and we are happy to accommodate their preferences.  

We have compiled some of the most common questions we receive about our cleaning service.  If you have additional quetions or would like more thorough information, we would love to hear from you! 

Cleaning Questions

What will you do with my stuff?
Neat as a Pin® maintains the utmost respect for you and your belongings. Many times it is necessary to reduce the volume and we can work with you to determine what you want to keep or let go. We will always do our best to organize your things with integrity and compassion, regardless of how much there is. 
We will always work with you. 

How long does it take?
How long it takes to get your spaces organized depends on a couple of factors; how much is there, how involved you are in the process, and how quickly you can make decisions.   

Here are some average completion times as a point of reference: 
Garage - 2 people, 8 hours 
Pantry - 1 person, 4 hours 
Closet - 1 person, 4-6 hours
Filing system - 1 person, 6-12 hours 

Can you help my kids?
Neat as a Pin® loves to help kids and teens!  
Whether they are struggling with a messy room, ADHD-related struggles, time management, or grades, we can help by creating a unique organizing system that works for their unique thinking style.

How will I know what containers to buy?
Neat as a Pin® believes it is always best to establish the need before purchasing any organizing supplies. 
We have several ways we can identify the organizing supplies to purchase and will utilize the best one for your unique situation. We typically send Amazon links (similar to those on our What We Love pages) or we can purchase them on your behalf and invoice for the cost.  

Do you clean while you organize?
With very few exceptions, the Neat as a Pin® Organizing Team and Neat as a Pin® Cleaning Team serve two distinctly different functions.  
Each are trained in their own areas of expertise; so while Cleaning Team members do not organize and Organizing Team members do not clean, we will wipe down shelvings and clear debris as we are organizing. Rest assured, we will always leave a space better than we found it.

How much does it cost?
Neat as a Pin® charges by the hour for organizing services.  
Organizing services range from $35 to $100 per hour. The price is determined by your unique situation and needs.  

Do you offer free consultations?
Neat as a Pin® does not offer no-cost consultations at this time.
Organizing Consultations are considered Strategic Planning meetings where goals are established and are rich with information to help you achieve them. The expertise shared during these meetings are enough for you to start working on your own, if you choose.  

Do you offer gift certificates?
Neat as a Pin® loves to provide gift certificates as we truly believe an organized space is the most decadent of all gifts!

organizing questions

Neat as a Pin® understands that Professional Organizing is something new to many people. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable with us as possible. If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please reach out. We would love to hear from you!