Business Accountability

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Being a business owner can be a lonely place. You wear many hats and are responsible for all aspects of your business. 

Having a partner for collaboration and accountability can increase your effectiveness while decreasing stress. Jennifer Snyder can personally meet with you regularly to help you be the best possible business owner you can be. 

Each business is unique, and the time together is driven by your current needs and situation. Virtual meetings allow Jennifer to work with clients worldwide. 

Accountability Partnering 
Accountability is taking responsibility for our success. Accountability increases our dedication to completing our goals and improves our mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to see it through. When working toward achieving something, we are 95% more likely to do it with an Accountability Partner.

Goal Setting
Many things need clarification when setting and achieving goals. Too often, we focus on the goal itself instead of the system that will take us there. Coaching and Accountability Partnering will help clarify what you want to achieve and illuminate the path to take. 


Creativity Collaboration 
Sometimes we hit roadblocks and get stuck. Accountability Partnering creates a space for creative solutions to emerge. Exploring possibilities while receiving both encouraging and challenging feedback helps us identify our errors and course-correct them more quickly. 

Increased Competency 
When we know someone is watching, we perform better. Accountability Partnering creates a transparent space where we are vulnerable while growing into our best, most competent selves. We can see our dreams come to life by setting milestones and deadlines instead of listening to fear.

You may want to eliminate clutter, start a new business, or make a significant life change; if so, Accountability Partnering is for you! When held accountable, we can achieve more than ever imagined! We make better choices and perform at a higher level when someone is 'watching.

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