Setting Boundaries: Working from Home with Kids

The summer months can be a challenging time for working parents, particularly those who work from home. Working from home with kids around the house can make it difficult to focus on work while also juggling all the responsibilities that come with parenting during the long summer break.

However, with some intention and planning, it’s possible to structure your days to be productive at work while also enjoying quality time with your family. In this post, we will look at some ways to set boundaries and manage time while still being present for your kids.

Establish a Work Schedule

One of the most important steps in managing your time effectively during summer break is to establish a work schedule. This will help you create a clear boundary between your work and family time, allowing you to focus on each more intentionally.

Set specific ‘office’ hours and communicate those hours to your family so they know when you are and are not available to them. Consider blocking out specific times each day for uninterrupted work while also scheduling dedicated time for family activities.

By establishing a clear work schedule, you will be able to focus on your work tasks without feeling guilty for not being present with your family or overwhelmed with frustration about your kids interrupting you.

Create a Summer Activity Schedule

Just as you manage your work schedule, create a summer schedule for your family’s activities, too. This will help you make the most of your time and give your kids a sense of structure to their summer days.

Discuss with your family the activities they would like to do. Examples include pool days, museum visits, or picnics in the park. Create a calendar of scheduled activities so that everyone can see and know what’s planned each day.

By scheduling your family’s activities in advance, you can plan your work schedule around those activities. This will help you avoid last-minute scrambles or missed opportunities to spend quality time with your family.

Create a Designated Work Area

Having a designated work area in your home is necessary to maintain boundaries between your work and family time. It is equally important that you share with your family which area of the house is off-limits during your work hours.

To help you focus on your work, create a dedicated workspace free from distractions and noise, such as TV and music. Make sure it has everything you need for work, such as a laptop and charger, stationery, and other materials, to limit the time you spend moving around the house looking for what you need.

Set Expectations for Interruptions

Interruptions are inevitable with kids at home during the summer. Setting expectations in advance will help minimize them. Communicate with your family to establish guidelines for when and how they can interrupt you during your work time. For example, you might ask that they only interrupt you if it is an emergency or the situation requires your immediate attention. Doing so helps you stay focused and establish uninterrupted work time to work first and play later.

Be Flexible

Finally, keep in mind that flexibility is key during the summer months when kids are at home. Even with the best-laid plans, unexpected changes and interruptions can and will occur.

Try to be flexible and open to adjusting the schedule as necessary. Remember to stay adaptable and allocate reasonable numbers of breaks, deadlines, and other targets so you can accomplish all you need to do without becoming overwhelmed.


Setting boundaries and managing your time is the secret sauce to achieving balance during summer months with kids at home. Establishing a work schedule, creating a designated workspace, setting expectations for interruptions, creating a summer activity schedule, and maintaining flexibility will help you keep a healthy balance between work and family time.

By creating a workable routine, you can peacefully navigate the summer with kids at home while keeping your professional life afloat.

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