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Laundry Put-Away

Our laundry put-away service ensures clothes are neatly folded and stored, maintaining a tidy home.

The Neat as a PIN® Difference

Laundry Put-Away

We know laundry is not finished when the washing cycle ends, and we know moving the clothes to the dryer or hanging them on a line is the next crucial step. We also know laundry is not finished when the dryer stops. Removing the clothes from the dryer is the next step to clear the avenue for more clothes.
Is this where your laundry process ends, or do you fold your clothes? If you fold your clothes to you, put them away or leave them folded in the basket?

Putting away clean clothes is the speedbump in the process for many people, and you may be one of them. Fortunately, Neat as a Pin® offers Laundry Put-Away Services. There is no judgment here, but there is help! It doesn’t matter who washes the clothes; we can neatly put your folded clothes away.

Laundry Put-Away Service is best when scheduled as a regular recurring service. The team member assigned to your home will become more familiar with how you like your clothes kept and will ultimately tidy up your closets and drawers.

If you have recently hired us to organize your closets and drawers, our Put-Away service is the perfect follow-up to keep things where you know to find them.

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