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Our home organizing services efficiently streamline your living space, creating an environment of order and harmony.

The Neat as a PIN® Difference

Whole Home Organizing

Being organized is a lifestyle, it is not something that happens once and never comes undone. To make matters worse, we buy books and magazines hoping they will make things better, but we don’t even have time to read them which means they ultimately become the clutter we are trying to eradicate. Then we feel hopeless.

All hope is not lost! With Neat as a Pin®, you have the chance to overcome the overwhelm and finally implement systems that will work for you because they are made FOR you. No people are exactly alike and we each have unique needs to get and stay organized.

Neat as a Pin’s Whole Home Organizing does just that. You will meet with our Certified Professional Organizer to discuss goals and obstacles, then together we will create a plan that works for you, incorporating your thinking styles and existing habits. We will create a strategy that feels good to you.

You will work with a single organizer to execute the strategy. This organizer will become a trusted member of your home team, and usually a friend too. You and your organizer will work side by side and make decisions about where your things should live and how many of each thing is reasonable for your family to own. At no time will you ever be forced to throw anything away! This is your journey and you are in control.

You and your organizer will systematically work through every area of your home; every door and drawer, troubleshooting along the way. When finished, you will no longer need to let things pile up because you will know where they go.
Whole home organizing usually takes an extended amount of time. We do this slowly to ensure that good decisions are being made and your family is creating new, better habits along the way. For many families, if everything is rearranged to quickly, it will all fall apart and not be able to be maintained. Your lifelong success is our goal!

Organizing sessions are intended to be uplifting, empowering, and even fun. We charge an hourly rate to allow the clients complete control of the work done together. Organizing rates are $35-$100 per hour per person.

Neat as a Pin® Organizing and Cleaning

We are a professional home care company creating customized approaches to spaces in your life through organizing strategies and cleaning services.